If you would like the opportunity to work side by side with Chris:

  • Monthly Revenue is MIN $10,000.00 per month.
  • A willingness and discipline to carry through the unique business model which guarantees you an exponential increase in revenue.
  • If you value Elite guidance, life changing consulting and mentoring.
  • Must be willing to keep all conversation completely confidential.
  • And sign contracts written by his legal team for complete protection of his business formulas and systems.

Christopher's exclusive formula's and business scaling model has been exercised in his own business and others and guarantees success.

He has created wealth for myself now for me to reach my next level my mission is to make you wealthy.

If you are not currently earning a 6-figure income. we have put together a 0 - 180k per year program that teaches you exactly how to start and scale your first ever business (12 hours per week)


He is one of the 21st century’s most ambitious forward thinking entrepreneurs, a visionary, a dedicated student, and a powerful teacher, coming from very humble beginnings to silently making his way through the world of business and completely raising the standards for people to understand what is truly possible for their lives, financially, mentally, Physically and spiritually.

Through the impact of his books. His coaching programs. His success in scaling 6-7-8 and 9 figure business with very unique business systems and revolutionary structures.

One Hour

Work With Chris


20 Hours

Work With Chris

$30,000 Per Week

80 Hours

Work With Chris

$150,000 Per Month

Total Spots: 5
Available: 1

240 Hours

Work With Chris

$350,000 Per Year

Total Spots: 1
Available: 0

I want to offer a program that targets 6 figure businesses fitness:






And I will take them to 7 figures same for 7 figure business I want to take them to 8 Figures and also 8 figures coaches I want to take them to 9 figures.

7 Figures Programmes

7 Figures Sales

7 Figures Consulting

7 Figures Fitness

7 Figures Marketing

7 Figures Dropshipping