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The Magic Carpet Concept

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✓ The magic of goal setting ✓ The concept of the magic carpet ✓ Understanding your personal path

✓ Recognize your distractions ✓ Understanding excitement versus happiness ✓ How to create a vision

✓ Keeping your scales even ✓ Asking the right questions ✓ How to shape your beliefs around what you want to achieve

Everything You Want To Achieve In Life Comes Down to Setting Goals!

Upload into your brain the modern interpretation of “the ancient wisdom of Goal Setting”!

These life-altering goal planning life hacks CAN and WILL empower you with the tools, tricks and goal setting cheat sheets you need to set and reach your goals faster, transform your life, and finally smash the milestones that you’ve been working towards. Ready…?


Everything Humanity Has Today Started As An Idea, Then a Goal, And Then An Execution Strategy

With Proven Personal Development Tools and personal achievement strategies That Actually Work

Setting a goal is easy, right? You just decide what you want, and you do it. Right?

…If only. 

You are in the process of achievement at every stage of your life, but. What are you projecting yourself towards? Is your life made up of spontaneous design or lethargic distraction.

Christopher started from the bottom. No direction no education. But with the power of purpose and the commitment to wisdom he sacrificed entertainment for education, and transformed not only his life but countless around him.

 Learn - succeed - teach

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Hey. Christopher here!, and I'm pumped to publish This Book.

I’m here to share the principles, research, and personal development tools that I’ve been using for half a decade that changed my entire personal and financial life. I’ve personally used the information you will discover in this very book to learn how to set goals, how to be more disciplined, segregate yourself from the things we have learned that limits our potential to achieve the most amazing things in life” 

It seems like there’s a hack for everything these days. Gurus, influencers, and financial fundis all promise to get you enlightened, famous and rich in 5-minutes flat or your money back. I’m here to call bull. Despite the name, this goal planning book isn’t a magic trick.

It’s science. It’s psychology. It’s working with real, proven and research-backed tricks to setting sustainable goals and smashing them, one step at a time.


Here’s Where We’re Going

When you hop onto this goal setting strategy, you’re going to start going places. First, however, we need to set a foundation before we can build the life we want to live. Through the course of 7 value-packed chapters, you’ll unearth ancient secrets that today’s generations have forgotten about, like:


      The magic of goal setting

      The concept of the magic carpet

      Understanding your personal path

      Recognise your distractions

      Understanding excitement versus happiness

      How to create a vision

      Keeping your scales even

      Asking the right questions

      How to shape your beliefs around what you want to achieve

      Making the right choices according to your values

      Putting your energy towards your priorities and, finally…

      Using your magic carpet to achieve your goals!

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Warning: Life-Changing Results Ahead

When you realise you have the personal development tools you need to reach your goals faster, you’ll realise just how fast that can truly be. No, I’m not talking about making millions in a month. I’m talking about instant, immediate mindset changes that are going to rock your mental world and completely change how you’ve been thinking about your goals and how to achieve them.


How Do I Know This Works?

I lived it, that’s why. Five years ago, I was broke, depressed, anxious and overweight. It sucked, I’ll be honest, and I simply couldn’t get out of that slump – no matter how many tricks and tips I tried. I realised that it wasn’t because I couldn’t learn how to be more disciplined – it was because I didn’t know how to set goals I could actually reach.

Today, thanks to the personal development tools in this goal planning book, I own several companies that generate a staggering $500,000 in revenue every single month. I’m confident. I’m proud of my abilities and skills. Most importantly, I’m lightyears away from the anxious, depressed guy that just needed a little guidance.

Transform Your Life…

…By Being Brave Enough to Take the First Step

Let’s face it. Change isn’t easy. It’s uncomfortable. It’s downright terrifying sometimes. What if it doesn’t work? What if you’re in an even worse position than before? What if that snide little voice in your head is right about you just not being good enough to achieve your goals?

The short, harsh answer is that you won’t know unless you give it a shot, hop onto that magic carpet, and see where it takes you.


This transformation kit might be only $199, but the insight and strategies you’ll learn and carry with you for life are priceless. When you purchase your kit, you’ll get:

      7 chapters packed with tools, tricks and tips to transform your life

      Several resources on personal development and the ancient science of goal setting

      Goal setting cheat sheets you can use every day

      Practical to-dos to get through your tasks

      And so much more!

What Are You Willing to Pay for Your Goals?

I’m not talking about the $199. I’m talking about cutting out the limiting beliefs, holding yourself accountable for making continuous, daily progress, and giving up that cushy comfort-zone that you’ve been trapped in for so long.

Let’s Take to The Skies

I’m Ready When You Are

All you need to get started and learn how to set goals you can actually achieve is buy the transformation kit below! If you have questions, compliments, or feedback on my book or the priceless ancient secrets contained in it…

…Give Me A Call

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